Since 2001 we supply a growing number of research institutes, start-ups and production facilities in the field of micro-structuring with photo resists, ancillaries, solvents, and etchants in semiconductor quality.

Beside our continuously growing product range, it's our utmost concern to assist you with related technical support, short lead times, and suited sales units.

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1st place in the Occupational Health and Safety Award

The Occupational Safety Award Baden-Württemberg honours small and medium-sized companies that are committed to maintaining the health of their employees.
For the first time, Labour Minister Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut awarded small and medium-sized enterprises in Baden-Württemberg with the NOBIS-Occupational Health and Safety Award . "Making our working environment safe and healthy is central to maintaining the well-being of employees, their performance and satisfaction. The attractiveness of a workplace also depends on this. Baden-Württemberg will only be able to maintain its leading position as one of the most successful economic regions in the world if we maintain the earning capacity of employees into old age," said the initiator of the award at the online award ceremony. (Source as of 19.01.2021)

Our winning idea: A warehouse guidance system

Due to the constantly growing range of products, the complexity of our warehouse requirements and occupational safety measures is also increasing. In order to guide our employees through the confusing "jungle" of hazard classes, we have developed an intuitive colour-coded warehouse guidance system. Deliberate simplification and a visual division of our warehouse sections into different coloured categories is intended to ensure that our employees can recognise hazards at any time without prior technical knowledge and take appropriate protective measures in an emergency. Furthermore, the colours provide information on which products may be stored together and where a suitable storage space for the corresponding chemical is located. This procedure has the added advantage that every pallet space is used optimally and without further risk.


February 2021

! AZ 520 D phase out !

The manufacturer Merck informed us that the protective coating AZ 520 D will be phased out no later than end of 2021 (official statement).
Basically, the AZ 520 D is a photoresist without photoactive compound, which should make it comparable easy to find a suited alternative. We would be glad if you contact us to discuss your requirements on a protective coating, and assist in finding another resist from our portfolio, which could either be a standard low-cost photoresist, or another PAC-free resist.

We are very sorry about this decision from the manufacturer, and will do our best to allow you a smooth transfer to an alternative resist.

Technical help: tech(at)microchemicals.com


January 2021

! AZ 5214E phase out !

The manufacturer Merck informed us, that the photoresist AZ 5214E will be phased out until end of 2021 (official statemant). We also have been informed, that a similar (but not identical) product is already on the market: The Japanese version of the AZ 5214E.

In order to assist you for qualification of the Japanese AZ 5214E, we will be able to provide samples of this resist in near future (probably February/March 2021) as well as technical support in process parameter optimization.

Please feel free to contact us!

Sample request: sales(at)microchemicals.com
Technical help: tech(at)microchemicals.com

The following two documents detail the comparison studies of the "old" and Japanese AZ 5214E in both, positive and negative mode:

> AZ 5214E comparison studies negative
AZ 5214E comparison studies positive

> AZ 5214E Japan MSDS (EN)
> AZ 5214E Japan MSDS (DE)


December 2020


For some years now, NMP has been classified as toxic to reproduction and the use of NMP has become more and more restricted. Now the EU has continued to restrict the use of NMP, so that after 09.05.2020, NMP can only be used if special precautions are taken.

Technic France, our current single supplier for NMP, has now decided to completely stop the production of the NMP.

We have many products in our portfolio that can replace NMP and many customers have already qualified alternatives in the past due to the increasingly problematic situation regarding NMP. DMSO, TechniStrip D350, NI555, P1316, P1331, MLO-07, Micro D2, AZ 100 Remover or the strippers from Intelligent-Fluids SH5 and SVD can be considered as alternative products.

We would be happy to supply you with samples of possible alternatives; it is best to briefly describe the process and the (substrate) materials involved so that we can explore the best alternatives together with you.

Sample request: sales(at)microchemicals.com
Technical help: tech(at)microchemicals.com


October 2020

AZ Remover 920 - Organic Solvent based Remover

AZ® Remover 920 photoresist stripper is designed for fast delamination and dissolution of photoresist patterns while maintaining broad compatibility with device substrates and metal films. Merck’s proprietary solvent and additive blend is environmentally friendly and fully compliant with the European Union’s REACH regulatory code.

> AZ® Remover 920 (TDS)


July 2020

! AZ MIR 701 product change !

The manufacturer of the resist AZ 701 MIR (14 and 29 cPs) informed us on a scheduled product change notification concerning a PFOA related ingredient (PCN).

As the qualification document (each one for both viscosities) shows, the PFOA-free AZ 701 MIR does not reveal significant changes compared to the PFOA-containing AZ 701 MIR.

If you would like to test or qualify the PFOA-free AZ 701 MIR, we will be able to provide samples.

Please feel free to contact us!

Sample request: sales(at)microchemicals.com
Technical help: tech(at)microchemicals.com

> AZ MIR 701 14CPS comparison studies
AZ MIR 701 29CPS comparison studies

> AZ MIR 701 14CPS PFOA-free MSDS (EN)
> AZ MIR 701 14CPS PFOA-frei MSDS (DE)
> AZ MIR 701 29CPS PFOA-free MSDS (EN)
> AZ MIR 701 29CPS PFOA-frei MSDS (DE)


Juni 2020

DMSO from MicroChemicals

In addition to our solvents acetone and isopropyl alcohol, we are now offering our new MicroChemicals DMSO in ULSI quality. The solvent and stripper is available in 2.5 L containers and can be ordered as single bottles or in the packaging unit of 4 x 2.5 L.

Due to its low vapor pressure and its water solubility, DMSO is an excellent stripper for resists respectively Lift-off media and is a non-toxic substitute for the NMP, which has been classified as toxic since a while. The optional addition of cyclopentanone or MEK increases the performance of the stripper for certain
applications and significantly lowers the melting point of pure DMSO.

If you are interested in a sample of our DMSO, please let us know.

> Online-Shop DMSO

> DMSO Specificationen
> DMSO Infoblatt


April 2020


Visit our new Wafer Online Shop.
Here you will find all information about the different wafertypes, prices and availability.

Order easily online:
> Online Shop


März 2019


Recently we were informed by the manufacturer Merck, whose distributor we are, about changes of the product AZ 826 MIF Developer.
Futher information you can find in the documents below:

Step 1:

> AZ 800 MIF Developers PCN Letter
> AZ 800 MIF Developer techn. Daten

Step 2:

> AZ 826 MIF Developer PCN Letter
> AZ AZ 2026 MIF vs. AZ 826 MIF

> MSDS AZ 2026 MIF (german)
> MSDS AZ 2026 MIF (english)


Mai 2019

Our new Strippers

Photoresist Stripper SVD and SH5

The strippers easily removes layers of photoresists (PR) from inorganic substrates such as silicon, glass and metals (e.g. copper). The smart intelligent fluids® (IF) mode of action is not based on aggressive dissolving processes as in the case of many conventional products. Instead, intelligent fluids® enable a gentle physical detaching even of persistent layers, without damaging the substrate surface.

More Information:

> Photoresist Stripper SVD
> Photoresist Stipper SH5

Technical Data Sheet:

> Photoresist Stripper SVD (TDS)
> Photoresist Stripper SH5 (TDS)


Juni 2018

Acetone and Isopropyl Alcohol from MicroChemicals

We are now offering our new MicroChemicals Acetone and Isopropyl Alcohol in ULSI quality. Our solvents are available in 2.5 L containers and can be ordered as single bottles or in the packaging unit of 4 x 2.5 L. Both products are ideal for substrate cleaning for organic contaminants and particles.

> Online-Shop Acetone
> Online-Shop Isopropyl Alcohol

> Info sheet
> Specification Acetone
> Specification Isopropyl Alcohol


New: Technical Guideline

Application Areas and Compatibilities of our Photoresists, Developers and Removers

With the information collected in this document, we would like to give you an initial overview of the basic areas of application and compatibility of our
photo chemicals.
Easily find the right developer, stripper and remover for your photoresist with our guideline.

We would be happy to advise you in more detail personally!

> Technical Guideline

Application Areas and Compatibilities
> Download PDF

Our Book Photolithography 2020

The last few months we have been working on a new edition of our brochures. We have compiled all themes about photolithography in one softcover book. All contents and information of the previous edition have been revised, updated and renewed.

If you are interested in our book Photolithography - Basics of Microstructuring, please fill in the order form:

> book order

Semicon 2019 in Munich

We say thanks to all customers, partners and prospects who have visited us at Semicon and Productronica 2019 in Munich at our booth. It was a very successful show with important and interesting encounters for us.

Photolithographie - Basics of Microstructuring
(not available as PDF)